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The smallest hugo image built from Alpine.


The smallest hugo image built from Alpine.


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docker pull yanqd0/hugo


There are two simple ways to use the image when developing, docker run or docker-compose up.

(If you want to know the usage of hugo, please visit

docker run

As the help of hugo server says:

Hugo provides its own webserver which builds and serves the site. While hugo server is high performance, it is a webserver with limited options. Many run it in production, but the standard behavior is for people to use it in development and use a more full featured server such as Nginx or Caddy.

hugo server will avoid writing the rendered and served content to disk, preferring to store it in memory.

The default command of this docker image is hugo server.

When generating the public directory in the production environment, please specify the command to hugo.

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/srv/hugo yanqd0/hugo hugo

If the current directory is not the hugo project, you can replace $PWD with the path.

docker-compose up

It may not be a convenient way to use docker run in the development environment.

I prefer to use a docker-compose.yml file.

You can write a docker-compose.yml in your hugo project like this:

version: '3'

    image: yanqd0/hugo
      - .:/srv/hugo
      - 1313:1313

Run docker-compose up -d, then a hugo server with many arguments in the port 1313 is serving.

There is a verified docker-compose.yml for example.

Build Status


Name Version
Alpine 3.12
Hugo 0.74.3
Git 2.24.3

It is welcome to remind me about updates by issues.


Status Size
Extracted 66.3MB

I use the official releases instead of compiling from source, so the image is very small.

Change Log

The image will update with hugo releases. I will try to change less.

Since the tag 0.50, the root user is used to generate sites. Before that, a hugo user with the pid 1000 is used, which will cause a permission problem when generating a public directory. In fact, a user in the group docker can also have the root permission inside the container. The hugo server should not be used in a production environment, so it is unnecessary to use a non-root user to ensure safety.

Since the tag ‘0.30’, a executable git is added to this image. Some functions needs git.



MIT License

Copyright (c) 2017~2020 Yan QiDong